Skye’s Story

Syke is a rescue dog from Dogs Trust in Leeds. We think he is a Lakeland or Welsh terrier cross-breed. We were told that his previous owner had gone to live with a relation who had cats and no matter what they tried; Syke could not get on with the cats so it was decided to give him up and he was taken to the Dogs Trust.

When he arrived at my son’s home he was pretty confused and depressed. We rolled a ball across the back-yard and he just looked at it with indifference. I thought, “Well my son and his family have taken on a bit of a boring dog!” On the plus side however, he got a lot livelier when he caught sight of a cat.

It would take him a few days to settle in and when we visited my son several days later we were greeted by a “new” dog. He was much happy and genuinely excited to meet us.

And what a fantastic dog he turned out to be considering the uncertainty he had endured. People could not believe that he was from a rescue centre.

He soon got back into good old terrier ways. Chasing sticks was a big favourite. The bigger the better. He would go through anything to retrieve it. Dense bracket, heather, clear water, dirty water. He would even dive into the dirty water even if nothing was thrown.

Also in the absence of cats, rabbits were a useful chase substitute. His enthusiasm did wane a little when he started to realise he was never going to catch them.

He loved to play fight and would mouth any part of you he could get near. A shout of “No biting” would usually calm the situation if he was getting too enthusiastic


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